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New cyber security investment from the government – comments from Rob Norris, VP Enterprise and Cyber Security at Fujitsu

Today the government has announced new investments that will help make the UK a world leader in tackling many forms of cyber security threats. You can find out more here. The comment from Rob Norris, VP Enterprise and Cyber Security, Fujitsu.

“This continued investment in cyber security is proof that the issue is being taken seriously at the highest level. The collaboration between the government and organisations is an encouraging one – and with technological innovation speeding up, this support is going to be vital moving forward. If the UK wishes to become a leading digital nation, it’s important to put cyber strategy first ; organisations must adopt a ‘security-by-design’ approach that puts security at the heart of their business. Ultimately, if cyber security isn’t part of boardroom discussions, they risk all kinds of financial and reputational damage as a result.

“Collaborations such as these – including the partnership between Industry100 and NCSC – will help form an important part of reducing cyber attack exposure for many SMEs and larger organisations most at threat. And the message is clear from the government : they recognise the threat from foreign and domestic actors and the havoc that it could play on businesses up and down the country. As the threats evolve, so must the funding and increased importance on awareness to combat those attacks. This is a big step in the right direction.”

Source:: Global Security Mag

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