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A month until GDPR – Fujitsu comment has published a new piece on the website asking whether businesses are ready ahead of the GDPR deadline on the 25th May. With today marking a month until GDPR formally comes into effect, Sarah Armstrong-Smith, ‎Head Continuity & Resilience at Fujitsu UK & Ireland has shared her thoughts on the significance of GDPR and the opportunity that it provides businesses :

“With only a month to go, there’s a lot of last minute panic about whether businesses are GDPR-compliant or not. It’s easy at this stage for businesses to get side-tracked by worrying about fines and forget that this regulation is ultimately a positive thing for them. GDPR is about much more than being punished for not getting it right ; it’s about ensuring your business has the processes in place to understand your people, processes and technology in a digital age when information is all around us and the clear regulation of it is vital. In fact, with our latest report revealing that a fifth of the UK public below cybercrime and hacking are the biggest challenges facing the UK today, each organisation has an obligation to make data protection as much of a priority as the public.

“GDPR provides the perfect opportunity for organisations to drive their digital transformation. Indeed, when businesses invest in complying with GDPR what they’re really investing in is the quality of their data, its collection and analysis as well as its governance. After all, all companies are, to some extent, powered by data and in the future they will be totally data driven. As a key and valuable resource, that’s why it needs to be protected. Once you’re equipped to manage personal data effectively, you can do the same for all data that you care about. This might include strategic plans, customer information, financial results, intellectual property etc. Having the ability to leverage the true power of your data is the key to future profitability and, to put it bluntly, survival in a world of digital disruption.”

Source:: Global Security Mag

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